I can happily state that Rini is in a positive trend with a record number of inquiries and orders for RiEye tables and Carl chairs. One key factor is that many of our distributors have raised their level of knowledge when it comes to conveying the benefits of a Rini product through our webinars and other digital meetings.

When you have a premium product with unique properties, it is always extra fun to meet your customers and I will tell you about some exciting customer cases in the next post. We will also prepare additional webinars to help our distributors and end users become even more enthusiastic Rini missionaries.

Unfortunately, the increased interest has also meant slightly longer delivery times and we are in the process of increasing capacity with, among other things, additional production lines and making larger production series.

The factory is closed for the summer from July 12-30 and no deliveries will take place during that time, but inquiries and support will, as usual, be handled in the best possible way.

Take care and looking forward hearing from you.

Lars Svensson


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