Surgeon chairs

Surgeon chairs

Rini’s surgeon chairs in the “Carl” series are ergonomically designed and are available with various special armrests. The chairs have extensive possibilities for adjusting the backrest and seat and are also easy to raise and lower with the feet. Together this gives the surgeon a tailor-made work environment of high quality.

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Why choose Rini?

The chairs have been developed in close collaboration with surgeons in Sweden and internationally and several thousand are in operation worldwide. They are especially adapted for different types of microsurgery such as Neuro-, ENT-, Plastic-, Robot- and Dental surgery.

Carl Mk2 R8 1920 DSC00199

Surgeon chair — Carl Mk2 R8

The “FlexiDoc” armrests R8 are suitable for the most demanding of surgical procedures where a...

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Carl Mk2 R7 1920 DSC00135

Surgeon chair — Carl Mk2 R7

The “OneGrip” armrests R7 are popular when minor adjustments under sterile coverage n...

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Carl Mk2 R6 1920 DSC00143

Surgeon chair — Carl Mk2 R6

The ”Rilis” armrests R6 have a patented safety feature which prevents them from being disloca...

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Carl Mk2 R5 1920 DSC00168

Surgeon chair — Carl Mk2 R5

The ”Easy” armrests R5 fits many surgical procedures where stable and comfortable armrests ar...

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Carl Heel R7 1920 DSC00581

Surgeon chair — Carl Heel

Electric powered with height adjustment capabilities controlled with the heels through buttons pl...

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Carl Foot R6 1920 DSC00546

Surgeon chair — Carl Foot

Electric powered where height adjustment is controlled with buttons on top of the front wheels. A...

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Carl Spring R7 1920 DSC00589

Surgeon chair — Carl Spring

Mechanical height adjustment with an ergonomically designed foot control under the chair. Availab...

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Carl Swing R7 1920 DSC00605

Surgeon chair — Carl Swing

Rotatable and movable chair that has mechanical height adjustment with a foot control under the c...

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