Patient chairs & Device tables

Patient chairs & Device tables

Rini’s ergonomic concept for a practical, stylish and cost-effective examination and treatment environment includes device tables, patient chairs and operator chairs.

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Why choose Rini?

The “Linnea” series tables are available in several standard models, but can also be specially designed. All tables are electrically adjustable and can handle high device weights.

The patient chair “Malin” is popular in several treatment areas because it combines good ergonomics and high functionality. The stable design provides safety for both patient and staff.

Malin Rock 1920 DSC00497

Patient chair — Malin Rock

Malin Rock is our appreciated base model that can be outfitted with accessories for different exa...

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Malin Slim 1920 DSC00509

Patient chair — Malin Slim

Malin Slim has a narrower wheelbase in the front which makes it easier to manoeuvre the chair in ...

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Malin Swing 1920 DSC00569

Patient chair — Malin Swing

The patient chair Malin Swing has a rotating seat which enables the patient to comfortably be sea...

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Linnea 1920 DSC00559

Device table — Linnea

Linnea is a stable device table available in different widths and that can be tailored much to th...

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Linnea Piccolo 1920 DSC00525

Device table — Linnea Piccolo

Linnea Piccolo is a smaller device table with good accessibility both for the operator as well as...

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