Patient chair — Malin Rock

Malin Rock is our appreciated base model that can be outfitted with accessories for different examination situations.

  • Ergonomic design which provides comfort in patient work
  • Easy to raise and lower with fixed or wireless hand control
  • Accessories include driving handles, armrests, footrests, neckrest and electric powered brake
  • Robust mechanical design
Product description

The patient chair Malin Rock is our appreciated base model. It offers excellent comfort due to its ergonomic design which makes possible for high efficiency during daily patient work for both doctor and other medical personnel

Special consideration has been given to the functions and ergonomics of the chair. It is battery driven and is easy to raise or lower with an intuitive hand control. Accessories include different armrests, footrest, driving handles, IR-control, neckrest and electrical brake. An extra high version of the chair is also available which optimizes the ergonomic work environment during examination and treatment of children.

The patient chair Malin Rock has a robust mechanical design based on a stable H-frame with four big wheels, where the back wheels are a equipped with mechanical brakes.


Weight of unit

41 kg

Length (wheel frame)

580 mm

Width (wheel frame)

530 mm


Battery operation - Charger 100 - 240 V


Vinyl - black, blue or green (standard) or other colors as accessories


Lifting capacity

150 kg

Height adjustment

500 – 800 mm – with hand control



Mechanical for the rear wheels


Extended lift height 540 – 940 mm

Wireless hand control with one or two channels depending on mechanical or electrical controlled brake

Electric controlled brake with hand control

Wheel with directional lock for easier transport longer distances


Armrests fixed or foldable on right or left side


Drive handle 450 or 600 mm

Head support

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