Operating tables

Operating tables

Rini’s operating tables in the “RiEye”-series are popular for microsurgery in both in stationary use and in “roll-in roll-out” operation. They are easy to handle and have many useful accessories. The stable construction is ergonomically designed to provide a high level of comfort, both for the patient and medical personnel.

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Why choose Rini?

RiEye Mk2S has a patented “HandsFree” headrest and other features that provide unique accessibility for the surgeon and assisting staff. Over a thousand Rini operating tables are already in service worldwide in various types of microsurgery such as Eye-, ENT-, Neuro-, and Plastic surgery.

RiEye Mk2S R7 1920 DSC00390

Operating table — RiEye Mk2S R7

The R7 model fits hospitals and clinics where longer surgeries under anaesthesia are performed. T...

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RiEye Mk2S R6 1920 DSC00341

Operating table — RiEye Mk2S R6

The model R6 is popular for cataract surgery, IVT eye injections, plastic surgery and similar mic...

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RiEye Mk2S R5 1920 DSC00419

Operating table — RiEye Mk2S R5

The R5 model is suited when the effective space at the clinic is limited or when an upright seat ...

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