Medical chair — RiFlex

Well-liked as an assistant chair, especially if you want to sit a little higher. Available as foot controlled for sterile environments or as hand controlled and can be ordered in different heights and colours.

  • Comfortable chair if you want to sit a little higher
  • Well-liked as an assistant chair in Eye and ENT surgery
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Height adjustment as foot controlled for sterile handling, or as hand controlled
Product description

The RiFlex chairs can be delivered hand or foot controlled where the latter are for work environments where hands need to be sterile. In addition, the chairs can be customized for different wheel types, height range and more.

Rini offers a large selection of operator and assistant chairs that have been carefully designed to offer the best possible ergonomics and efficiency for surgeons and assistant personnel. Even the feel and look can be important and many of the chairs can therefore be ordered in different colours and different materials. The chairs are popular in many health care areas and please contact Rini for further consultation what is appropriate for your workplace!

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Height adjustment

Two models - foot or hand controlled


Vinyl - black or blue (standard)

Gas spring

Medium 500 - 690 mm (standard)


50 mm low friction (standard)

Gas spring low 430 – 570 mm

Gas spring high 580 – 820 mm

Castors 50 mm high friction

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