New improvements to Surgeon chair Carl and operating table RiEye

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A new footrest accessory is launched to the surgeon’s chair Carl 4 giving good ergonomics for surgeons who have a high working position during surgery.

For the operating table RiEye MK2S there is a new high-capacity battery that is especially useful when the operating table is used for many procedures per day.


Since the launch of the new surgeon chair model Carl 4 Foot in June this year we are pleased to see that sales have more than doubled. We are now adding a footrest accessory that can be retrofitted on all new Carl 4-wheel Foot for those surgeons who want to have extra relief in a high working position. The footrest can be folded up and adjusted in height in relation to the seat of the chair. Altogether the footrest it is a good combination with Rini’s professional armrest that come in many different models depending on clinical use.

The new battery for RiEye is of the Lithium Iron type. Our development goals have been to offer a battery with extra high capacity that does not need to be changed or charged during a working day, even where the operating table is used for up to 50-60 injection patients per day.

The outer casing is the same as the standard battery, even the charger and charging station are the same as supplied for all RiEye Mk2S. This means the new battery can be used for all new and upgraded in existing RiEye Mk2S operating tables.

The new battery delivers approximately double number of operating cycles, and the weight is almost one third of the standard battery. It can also be charged and discharged many more times compared to the standard battery, so the life cycle of the battery is significantly longer.


Please ask Rini or your local distributor for price and availability

Lars Svensson


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