Kickstarting after summer break!


I am very pleased to say that the trend with an increasing number of orders and a general higher interest in our main products – the operating table “RiEye” and surgeon chair “Carl”, remains. I would like to thank all customers and international distributors who have made this possible.

During our factory shutdown in the summer period, Rini has made several improvements to increase our output capacity and to reduce delivery times. We have expanded the production area, automated manufacturing & testing, and improved the logistics area. All this to meet the increased sales from our growing global client base.

To kickstart the second half of 2021, we will over the next few months have some attractive offers! This to inspire you to add new operating tables, or surgeon chairs, or replace older equipment with the latest ergonomic Rini products. We are always committed to add productivity and comfort to patients and the medical professionals at work.

So, make sure you are made aware of any offers and promotions by contacting us at Rini or your local distributor.

Take care and we are looking forward hearing from you.

Lars Svensson


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