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Now half of 2022 has passed, and we are experiencing a short but beautiful summertime in Sweden. We can state that the half year has started well with increased sales of our products RiEye Mk2S operating table and Carl surgical chairs, we thank everyone who has been involved and contributed to the continues positive trend.

One size fit all is definitely not true for micro surgeons in Eye, ENT, Neuro, Plastic, Dental and Robot surgery! Our ergonomic surgeon chair Carl is increasing in popularity, one reason is the modular structure, and we can reach a wider user group. Carl is available with both three or four wheels and has many armrest options adapted for different types of surgical areas. Choosing the right armrest is of course fundamental and below follows a historical timeline flashback:

R6 “Rilis”armrests with mechanical joints also named “Safety armrest”, early patented, and mounted on Rini surgical chairs from 1998. Mainly for Ophthalmology and Dental surgery. We have delivered around 13.000 armrests. Can be used for all Carl chairs models and several improvements have been made during the years.

R8 “FlexiDoc” armrests with mechanical joints, can be adjusted by surgeon in height and length with one button when armrests are sterile draped. Mainly for Neurosurgery and sold as Carl Mk2 R8.

R5 “Easy” armrests with ball joint armrest that can be used for all Carl chairs models. Rini has manufactured different kind of ball joint armrests since year 2002 mainly for OEM sales and offered these for Carl Mk2 since 2018.

R7 “One grip” armrests with gas piston joint to be more balanced and stable compared to a ball joint. Can be fine-tuned by surgeon even if its sterile draped and mainly for Ophthalmology and Robot surgery. R7 options include convex formed arm cushions and extended height adjustment mainly for Neurosurgeons. Arm cushion soft and rectangular shape, manly for Neurosurgeons but can also be used for all kind of microsurgery.

The above provides an explanation for the Carl surgeon chairs success and Rini´s strong position in the competitive marketplace to provide the best ergonomic work environment for micro surgeons.

Finally, the Rini factory will be closed for the summer from July 11 and will reopen on August 1. No deliveries will take place during that time, but inquiries and support will, as usual, be handled in the best possible way.

Stay safe and I am looking forward hearing from you.

Lars Svensson


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