Digital meeting and Carl surgeon chair

Rini Ergoteknik - Medical products made in Sweden

It has been very nice to meet so many of you the digital way via Teams and Zoom lately! We are quickly adapting to make these meeting both time efficient and customized to fit your needs. Understanding the unique benefits for medical professionals using Rini products has been our mission in these meetings and it has shown very successful. We are very encouraged to take this to the next level so please sign up for more!

A special note on the Carl surgeon chair as we have seen increasing sales lately.  New areas of microsurgery have appreciated the variety of chairs and specialized armrests there is to choose from. All armrests provide a soft comfortable ergonomic support for the surgeon’s arms and relieve the entire forearm and reduce the risk of neck and shoulder discomfort. At the same time, it acts as a wrist rest as it helps to keep the hand more stable compared to finger placing technique.

Although Rini products being most popular in Eye surgery the RiEye operation table and surgeon chair Carl has now made significant inroads to other treatment areas. We have lately received several orders from ENT and neurosurgery for the Carl Mk2 chair with R7 and R8 armrests.

Finally, please be aware of if you have urgent orders to be delivered please place orders now. The Rini factory closes for summer vacations from Jul 11 – Aug 3 and has limited capacity throughout August.

I wish you a wonderful summer, stay safe and remember we are always here for your requests.

Lars Svensson


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