RiEye Mk2S Headrests Doublelink

The RiEye Mk2s Doublelink have a large movement range to suite different patients’ length, the Doublelink can be used with headrest folded forward or backwards.
The models have been developed together with users in different clinical treatment areas.
All Doublelink headrests are dockable and have Rini’s automatic patented “HandsFree” function that follows the patient’s head when the operating table is adjusted.

  • Headrest Bowl (standard) – Keeps the head comfortably fixed and is especially suitable for eye surgery
  • Headrest S-Tray – Small tray with various pillows, for flexible head position or fixed upright.
  • Headrest X-Tray – Large tray with various pillows available
  • Headrest FaceDown/FaceUp – Tray with pillow that allows the patient to lie on the stomach with the head down or up

The headrest can also be fitted with wrist rest and the pillows can be easily removed for cleaning.

Electric headrest gives the surgeon the possibility to adjust the headrests angle by the hand- or foot control. All double link headrests can be used with the option electrical headrest.

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